About Us

Something exciting has arrived in this season. Inspired by street Japanese daily wear with a good fabrication and unique design, we proudly announce our brand ONIISAN as daily and comfortable wear.

Oniisan aims to spread in city as a favorite and one of local brand daily wear.

Started with Men Collections, Oniisan has quickly risen among the community as a variant look urban and dynamic men, with our core user within 18 – 35 years old. The brand is a Indonesia based label founded in January 2017 as the solo venture. Oniisan focused in collarless woven shirt and outwear for tops and followed with some pants and accessories.  Also it inspired by the big city and urban daily life in the big city. Known for his dynamic approach to aesthetic both in personal style and creative output, we hope that Oniisan become a leader of modern and simple look kind a men in the big city.